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Nov 16, 2012 2:30pm PST
from jerusalem. >> and german chancellor angela merkel has weighed in on the violence in gaza during her full support behind israel. >> she called on home loss to end their attacks -- called on hamas to end attacks. she also asked egypt use their influence to stop the violence. >> a strong statement of support from germany. there was this on the background to the position and liberal and. >> of britain is maintaining neutrality in order to presumably bring the influence back on both sides denver money has never pretended to be neutral in this conflict. it will not be until they recognize the right of israel to exist and that has historic reasons. berries and german leaders going back to chairman grant and foreign ministers talking to a angela merkel in her speech bill in 2008 and have reiterated the existence of a post-war german state as morally contingent on the continuing existence of the state of israel. germany will always be on israel's side against any group or country that. their existence. >> we will be going live to cairo later in the show to check out the egyptian reaction
Nov 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
best is yet to come. >> appeals from angela merkel to her european partners -- an end to the eurozone debt crisis will require more unity. >> and a parliamentary vote on another round of austerity cuts in greece. >> thanks for joining us. barack obama has won his second term in office as president of the united states, but his celebrations will be short-lived as the multitude of urgent issues on his desk draws him back to work without delay. >> the first order of business will be to negotiate a new budget deal in congress by the end of the year. otherwise, and harsh plan of spending cuts and tax increases are due to go into effect. we will hear more about that later on in the show, but first, a look back at how things play out on election night in the u.s. >> his face said it all -- president barack obama had to fight hard to keep his job in a tough race against his republican challenger, but once the result was clear, his first message to the american people was one of unity. >> it does not matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. it
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
electoral reforms. the election itself will be held on december 16. the german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in moscow for talks with the russian president vladimir putin. both sides are looking to ease tensions caused by berlin's recent criticism of russian's record on human rights. this is angela merkel has called on cairo to use its influence on cairo to ease heightening tensions in gaza. a yacht that washed up on a deserted island in condo was found with a badly decomposed body on board and 200 kilos of cocaine worth $120 million. the australian federal police said international law people have been monitoring the bozen's when it left south america until they lost contact with the last month. police in a small pacific island nation have not ruled out the population the death was suspicious. -- a boat from tonga. much more ahead. four people have been killed and 17 injured after a freight train crashed into a parade floats in texas. it was carrying u.s. veterans and was on its way to an event honoring wounded service members. it happened at a real across the in the city of middle
Nov 5, 2012 2:30pm PST
, and german chancellor angela merkel struck a hard fought deal on monday on disputed government benefits. >> after more than seven hours of negotiations, conservatives and the pro-business democrats agreed to balance the budget. germany's election is less than one year away. >> despite the economics, the balanced budget promised was a major win for the democrats party. >> we want to work together as a coalition to fight for a balanced budget by 2014. this is a great sign of stability. >> the meeting of party leaders was intended to put together a coalition. the democrats finally got their way in securing a pledge to do away with additional fees for doctors of visits. conservatives wanted to keep the fees, but the compromise to get the support for new child care subsidies. the money will go to parents to keep their parents -- who keep their children at home instead of using a public day care center. many would prefer to see the funds used to create more day care centers. angela merkel's christian democrats also made headway on a key to demand. they want to raise it for retirees,
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am EST
"worldwide exchange." germany's angela merkel says the greek financing hole can be filled as finance ministers failed to reach an agreement on just how to resolve the country's sustainable debt problems. the fbi launches a probe into the alleged accounting issues in the hewlitt packard autonomy deal, while the former boss hits back at accusations in an interview with cnbc. >> the first we heard about it was a press release, and we utterly refute them. these are absolutely factually incorrect. we'd like to learn more about them. i'm afraid the details haven't been shared with us. >> and no cease fire. hillary clinton joins egypt in an attempt to broker a deal while rocket attacks in israel continue. >>> so this is where we stand. european stocks after slim gains yesterday have been fairly flat today. ftse 100 is flat. the xetra dax up a tenth of a percent. the ibex down about a tenth. bond yields pretty steady. the ten-year spanish yield, 5.81%. ten-year guilts unmoved by the mpc minutes. they are slightly higher. the public finances data wouldn't have helped. euro/dollar, 1.2786, has
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm PST
angela merkel appeared unimpressed with obama 's performance. today, the u.s. president considers merkel to be one of his closest allies. last year, obama awarded to german chancellor the presidential medal of freedom, but merkel has been remarkably silent about the u.s. elections. her lack of open support suggests her friendship with obama may not be so close after all. but talk of a meeting this summer was also shut down. the chancellor had no plans to interrupt her vacation. at the last debate, obama talked about foreign policy. they came back to domestic issues and only once did he even mention europe. whichever candidate is elected, politicians say merkel's partners will be expected to play a bigger role in the world stage. >> europe is going to have to take on more responsibilities. the u.s. expects to do more militarily and expects us to get the turbulence with the euro under control, so germany is going to do more in every respect. >> the u.s., then pose a global role may be changing, but most germans still see obama as a hero -- the u.s.'s global role may be changing. >> there h
Nov 22, 2012 4:00pm PST
difficult. angela merkel said we might not reach an agreement this week. there is a long tradition of people playing down expectations only to declare a triumph of a few hours later. there is no doubt this has been the most difficult budget discussion they have had because of the economic context. they were hard enough for seven years ago in the last budget around had to be completed. this time, we are in a time of crisis. a time of national austerity, everyone is being closely monitored. there is a basic philosophical divide saying we can't spend as much as we used to. the eu has more member states joining next year, it is being asked to do do more things. you can't keep asking them to do more and more with less and less money. >> we are expecting l.a. evening? >> is possible that they can go all night, or is possible that they will produce a new set of figures. a new budget proposal which experts from all the delegations will have to go through them. people are hoping they might send them home for the night and stopped again in the morning. >> syrian rebels, consolidating their hold
Nov 4, 2012 10:00am EST
much lauded for his very good relationship with angela merkel, the chancellor of germany. the fact that he has a good relationship with barack obama, it's at this point somewhat irrelevant because the crucial figure that italy has to get on right now is germany, not the united states. is that the new europe? >> that's a little bit, yes. there's a little -- a lot, you know. germany has become a very powerful player. italy has $2.5 trillion in debt and they need angela merkel to support them. they can never bail them out, but in a way they can slow the repayment of the debt or help them in some kind of way, but i think also they're looking toward the federal reserve, what ben bernanke has been doing in the last few years and how he actually saved the economy in the united states while europe was still fumbling what to do and now they're following the same formula, same recipe that ben bernanke set up to bring america back. >> finally, ari shavit, let me ask you. president obama gave an interview to a senior decision-maker but it was widely reported to be barack in which he mused about an
Nov 4, 2012 1:00pm EST
and they need angela merkel to support them. they can never bail them out, but in a way they can slow the repayment of the debt or help them in some kind of way, but i think also they're looking toward the federal reserve, what ben bernanke has been doing in the last few years and how he actually saved the economy in the united states while europe was still fumbling what to do and now they're following the same formula, same recipe that ben bernanke set up to bring america back. >> finally, ari shavit, let me ask you. about potential obama presidency. president obama gave an interview to a senior decision-maker but it was widely reported to be barack in which he mused about a romney presidency, he said, look, it may be more difficult for an obama presidency to attack iran militarily because any new president is going to have to tame some time before he can take such a major decision. he's going to have to get his new cabinet officials appointed, national security in place. therefore, it may not be such a good thing for israel if the clock really is ticking. do you share that view
Nov 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
and indirect subsidies, but that is unlikely to change under angela merkel's center-right government. in fact, even if it did and the costs -- more of the costs were passed on to industry, i suspect that the ordinary citizen would still have to pay a large share of the costs, that industry would probably just passed a large part of those costs onto the consumer, but a majority of people in germany do want this energy change. they know it is expensive. they will have to pay for it. >> thanks for that analysis. >> travelers in germany will soon have no options to choose from because the government is finally allowing bus companies to compete with the national rail service on long-distance routes. >> deregulation will come into effect at the beginning of next year. analysts say consumers can expect to benefit from lower fares. >> at the moment, when you travel more than 100 kilometers, you consider driving or taking the train or plane. germans do not even think of taking the bus. >> in 1934, the government made the national rail company the only player in long distance travel
Nov 1, 2012 2:30pm PDT
minister was in berlin. >> both angela merkel -- into merkel played down concerns over the you crisis. she said -- she stressed the importance of communication. and next, i will try to talk directly with david cameron. we are in close contact with britain, and germany will do everything to find a solution. >> clearly, there are different opinions being expressed by leaders in different countries. that is normal for politics. >> he also had other issues on his mind. ireland received 85 billion euros in 2010 to stabilise its banking system from the e you. dublin would like to draw on european stability mechanism funds to consolidate finances. merkel offered praise, but she gave no concrete promises. >> island is an outstanding example of how europe can emerge from this crisis stronger than when it went into it. >> at the beginning of 2013, ireland will assume the you's rotating presidency -- the eu's rotating presidency. >> let's check in with our political correspondent, who is covering the story on the budget tug-of-war here in europe. what can we expect or what is berlin expecting to happ
Nov 3, 2012 8:30am PDT
. we would leave. >> german chancellor angela merkel grew up here. farmers in brandenburg think it is high time she intervened and did something for them. >> that wraps up this edition of "european journal." thanks very much for watching. bye for now. captioned by the national captioning in
Nov 15, 2012 6:30pm PST
months, there has been quite a bit of tension mainly because angela merkel came out during the last presidential elections in france, very openly for nicholas sarkozy, which got her off on to a very bad start with the current french president, but the experience of governing in the last six months in france has toned down the criticism from hollande and his prime minister. they realize they cannot fulfil, have not been able to yet, many of the pledges they made during the election. the atmosphere is, on the surface at least, a little bit better. >> considering all the problems in the eurozone right now, can germany and france really hold europe together? >> the relations between the two countries are really not at their best, and i am share of the next e. summit where they will be discussing the budget over the next few years, there are very different priorities -- at the next eu summit. i think there will be a lot of tension. in the past, at least, leaders of both countries have realized france and germany have to stand together if they want to advance the european project, and i t
Nov 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
week. >> chancellor angela merkel said there was no easy solution to the problems in athens, but she said she was confident that eurozone finance ministers would release that next round of bailout money next week. >> the leader of the opposition, however, accused merkel of failing to reveal the true cost of the measures to help greece and said this made it impossible to pass germany's own budget. our political correspondent has been following the budget debate for us. the chancellor faced some tough criticism on her handling of the year of crisis. what more can you tell us? >> indeed, one of the main critical voices was that of the social democratic leader, and that, of course, is no coincidence because he in fact will be the rival candidate for the chancellery in elections next year. he accused the chancellor of doing the dance of the seven veils, saying she is obscuring the true cost of a greek bailout and calling on her to finally come clean and let the taxpayers know exactly what kind of sacrifice will be expected from them. mr. steinbrueck basically asking how they can pass a bu
Nov 14, 2012 6:30pm PST
bailouts to countries such as greece. >> where is the debate then on member states? angela merkel is the leader who is most associated with austerity as a policy. francoise hollande in france came to power on a wave of anti- austerity. where is the debate? >> francois hollande gave a long interview to a newspaper only last month, saying that the traditional franco-german motor driving the european union is set to stall because of these deep divisions over what to do, but even he -- even francoise hollande, if you look at him, he is imposing austerity measures in france as well. christine lagarde at the intenational monetary fund would say that the idea is for creditors to take a hit so ordinary workers do not have to suffer too much, but it is a horrible balancing act. yes, the commission is taking note of what is happening with great concern but does not offer any alternative to deep austerity as the beginnings of getting out of this economic crisis. >> certainly a frustrating situation all around. thanks very much for that. >> let's stay in brussels for a moment because the eu is takin
Nov 27, 2012 6:30pm PST
chancellor angela merkel and her finance minister can count on the majority in parliament to support the plan, even though many lawmakers still had questions when they were being briefed. opposition parties have not yet laid down their position, but in the past, they have signaled that they will support continuing aid for greece, but the social democrats, germany's largest opposition party, wants more information. >> it is too early to determine what impact tonight's decision will have on the german budget. we have also not yet calculated what the consequences would be for the future of greek debt. >> as far as the opposition is concerned, a hair cut for greece is not off the table yet. if anything, it is being postponed until after the election. >> the prospect that german taxpayers will be left holding the bag on greece is not new. for more, let's bring in our political correspondent. how will politicians be addressing taxpayer concerns? >> i think if german taxpayers are concerned that money is being wasted in these bailouts and in these efforts to help greece, i think the governm
Nov 9, 2012 2:30pm PST
pass. chancellor angela merkel had faced a great deal of criticism from within her own party. from next august, parents to stay at home to take care of their young children will receive a monthly premium of 100 euro rising to 150 euro later. the conservatives tried to portray the subsidy as a peacemaking measure. >> we want to encourage parents of a do not feel they have to justify which model is wrong or right. ideally, the right model was for the mother and father to agree. that's the best approach for their children. >> supporters call the subsidy an issue of free choice. opponents say it's a return to the past when women were expected to stay at home. they say many families would prefer the state to take on day care duties. >> children from disadvantaged backgrounds will miss out on the quality education and care that they need to develop the skills that will allow them to claim their stake in society. >> the subsidy has overcome the parliamentary hurdle but a legal battle is still likely some several have called the measure unconstitutional. they are planning to take it to the cons
Nov 26, 2012 2:30pm PST
saturday, the head of the euro group and prime minister of luxembourg have a long talk with angela merkel and came out suggesting they cleared away most of the difficulties to an agreement. we have no clue as to what that involved and whether there is a clearance. the same problem is the same problem -- unsustainable that. greece should now say it is 45 billion with every passing week they need more money. >> how does the imf figure in? >> the head of the imf had a bit of a row with him last time they met. she once the interest rate deductions for greece. she wants governments to take a debt write-off and germany will not tolerate that. she wants to greece to reach 120% of g.d.p. debt by 2020. the eurozone system make about 2022. >> just following the debt talks in brussels, thank you. a completely different story on the consumer front with the german export still going strong worldwide. people are entering the christmas buying season ready to spend. >> that according to the latest research showing retail sales could top those of the last few years. >> it's official. the christmas season is o
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm PDT
on the agenda and talks between angela merkel and the turkish prime minister. >> european and north african countries have kicked off negotiations on a huge solar energy project in the sahara desert. u.s. president barack obama has arrived in new jersey to tour the devastation left in the wake of super storm sandy. >> obama was joined by new jersey governor chris christie, who is republican, but christie has praised the way the president has handled the crisis. they viewed storm damage by helicopter. obama will also be meeting with residents and emergency workers. >> cleanup work is in full swing on the east coast after sandy flooded cities, washed out bridges, and caused billions of dollars in damage. >> but new york city is making it clear it is back in business. mayor michael bloomberg rate in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange, which was closed for two days. >> the storm killed over 40 people on the east coast and caused unprecedented damage. >> life is slowly returning to normal in new york. on wall street, major stock their first two-day closure ine- over a centur
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am EST
comparison, say, with angela merkel and the point made that when she travels abroad, she has a planeload of german ceos who come with her, they get out of the plane, and she tries to do deals with them. should we see more of that approach not just from the state department, but from the white house? >> so we are doing that a lot. deputy secretary new nyes just a delegation to egypt, we've been holding lots of conferencings around u.s. infrastructure in particular and how we can help support companies with the passive investment going -- massive investment going into infrastructure in many countries around the world. there are areas where we've been focused. it's a work in progress, and i think it's something that we'll continue. >> steve, you were nodding your head as heidi was saying that. do you need -- do you think there should be a more aggressive government support for u.s. global champions? >> well, heidi knows more about this, but i was nodding my head about the angela merkel anecdote because it is something you hear from business people all the time. >> does it fall in
Nov 28, 2012 7:30am EST
angela merkel in london when the global economy was on fire is interesting. she laid down the gauntlet. we are not going to play by your rules. we are not going to spend like you are telling us to do. it has been interesting as a superpower to look at all limits we have even influencing a nation like germany. and yet brussels i asked to you think america has the same growth we once had that could influence the international system? i would love to see how you see the challenges ahead in at geostrategic context? >> i think a strong economy is critical to u.s. national security, strong military. in this post financial crisis era, economics and finance are every bit as important as traditional diplomatic and military levels of policy. using the word throw away, a measure of how much nuclear megatonnage could be delivered, i think we have moved from an era where the measure of the nation's strength or vulnerability to an era where sovereign interest rates were a measure of strength or vulnerability so the move from throw weight to interest rates, precision, how much megatonnage we had base
Nov 16, 2012 4:00am EST
make a good investment as angela merkel heads out to moscow to meet putin. that's at 10:30 cet. and 11:20 cet, we'll head out to connecticut to talk holiday shopping in the consumer electronic space. one analyst says trends are set to improve. plus christine lagarde is saying eurozone leaders must reach agreement on greece at their summit next week, but when asked if the deal would happen, this was lagarde's candid relay. >> it's not over until the fat lady sings as the saying goes. and i would not say anything else p. it's a question of working hard, putting our mind to it, making sure working on the objective that greece cannot operate on a sustainable basis. ftc says expected to approve at a party gathering on december 5th, that the ecb's offer to buy debt must be temporary. we've heard from lagarde there talking about how it ain't over until the fat lady sings. at the same time. >> there isn't the equivalent of a fat lady in this scenario here, so i'm not sure before -- >> what did she mean by that? >> precisely. i think she was trying to say it isn't ove over until we've all do
Nov 7, 2012 4:00am EST
angela merkel who said she appreciated their shared efforts towards resolving the current economic crisis. and french president francois hollande and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu along with russian president putin who congratulated president obama via telegram. apparently you can still telegram people. i might have to try that just for the sake of it. >> how much is it a word these days? >> it's expensi expensive. >> still to come, phil lebeau will join us from chicago. look at the expectations for his second term. see you in a few moments. >>> president obama wins a second term and vows to tackle the key issues, the fiscal cliff at the top of that list. equities trading high on that news. gold also extending gains. but the prospect of gridlock in washington remains as democrats tame the senate and the republicans the house. now we know who is going to be president the next four years. the next question, who will be the next treasury secretary. timothy geithner has indicated he is ready to go. who do you think should take over the important job? names have indicated ja
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Nov 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
qualify for the bail-out money it needs have been unpopular. >> the german chance lar angela merkel in charge of the purse strings acknowledged the sacrifices. >> this is an important improvement we know the evident it's cost the government. >> but it's not enough. they could not agree to calf up the bail-out funding that greece needs. >> the res key plan is too tough for greece. the debt level for greece is shooting up more than expectations. we start with a new plan. >> the problem then becomes political. how do other european leaders explain to the beleaguered constituents while more money has to go to greece's bail bail-out? another headache for the united states. europe is a huge export market for america. greece is not the issue but how the bail-out is handled is a litmus test that america is watching. >> they should be aware what this would mean further down the road when the real country too big to failed but too big to be bailed out has to go through the same process. >> that country is spain. this is important that other troubles countries see that greece stays the course as
Nov 23, 2012 4:00am EST
they'll analyze proposals and restart negotiations. things aren't looking good with angela merkel hollande doubting a deal can be reached. trims the amount originally cut from spending on agriculture as well as funds for poor eu states. >> we must be sensible and realistic. this budget is a budget for the rest of the uk. >> silvia has been in brusselss all week. what do you make of progress or lack of it? >> well twlrks's no big surprises here, first of all. it's actually not such a big drama. it was clear to everybody that we wouldn't reach a quick agreement. we might not reach an agreement today. we might not reach an agreement this weekend. the leaders have already cleared up their itineraries for the weekend, they might actually stick around for the weekend, and we might actually need another summit maybe sometime in january before we solve things up. if past experience is anything to go by, that's the usual course of events. i think last time around in 2005, it also took something like 6, 7 weeks before we had an agreement. the between news in that is that we haven't got such a thing
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
world behind angela merkel. she has a new book called, "bull by the horns: fighting to save main street from wall street, and wall street from itself." i'm pleased to have her here at this table again. was the title easy for you? >> the title was my publisher's. i have to admit. it's a good title. my title was, it could have been different." but that title probably sells more book >> the dedication-- to me m.r.i. beloved children and my husband, scott. a true-- >> is that because he had a wife who was working all the time? >> yes, and even when she was home she was preoccupied with work. he filled in through the crisis. the kids never resented their stay-away mom because he was there for the parent teacher conferences, the school concerts. he was there for all of that. >> rose: looking back at that tenure what was the proudest moment for you and what do you regret the most? the proudest moment was the way the f.d.i.c. was to assure the people that their deposits were safe. if people had taken their money out of the bankes, the system really would have truly fallen apart. >> rose:
Nov 22, 2012 6:00pm PST
. this protest was prompted by an october visit from german prime minister angela merkel, who many greeks blame for the painful cuts they've already endured. but, back at home, merkel must contend with an anti-bailout public in germany a germany which must ultimately approve any europe-wide debt relief program, since it funds about a quarter of the european central bank. but germany has no choice. it has to keep playing the game. or at least that's the conviction of a key insider, new york lawyer lee buchheit. >> as the french say: for want of better, and for fear of worse. >> reporter: buchheit is mr. insider-- greece's chief debt negotiator. he's managed the country's bargaining strategy these past pinched years: and is the go-to guy for many a nation being muscled by its lenders. >> no one likes to lose money. any creditor approached by a sovereign with a request for debt relief would accede to it only if they thought that by not giving the debt relief they stand to lose more. >> reporter: and your job is to convince the creditors that the borrowers can't afford to pay more. >>
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
fukushima a few people protesting nuclear power. angela merkel, who i respect us in the iron chancellor of germany, she decided because of the process to shut down nuclear power. now she's a nuclear physicist, so she really should know better. [inaudible] or title with a nylon time. she came into environmentalist pressure and shut down nuclear power plants. in the upper right you're fracturing causes cancer, which is not true and some guy dressed as a weasel dancing. not sure what that's about. and the lower left corner, you have no dams. they don't want hydroelectric power. this is in the region of patagonia in the argentinian, trillion border comes to their post-hydroelectric power on the right you some typos to bring power and you may not read this, but it's classic. no industrial land, capitalism still. i'm not sure what that has to do with capitalism, but he made sure he put it in. >> it's the weasel. [inaudible] >> that might actually turn it off. >> okay. sorry. so let's review just for a second progressive protesters don't want vaccines, chemicals, genetically modifie
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)